Pursuing Data Science Part II: Helpful Articles & Online Prep Courses

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In Part I, you learned about the difference between data analytics & data science, saw how Meetups can help you decide if the career move is right for you, and even received a suggested LinkedIn message to send to current students and alumni to get the real inside scoop on a program you’re interested in. 

Now that you’re set on making the switch, I’m sharing articles and courses that helped me prepare for the program — which I mostly did at local coffee shops or one of many amazing Denver breweries! (as pictured above 😉 )


Here are some articles and books that were helpful for me and a brief description why.

Starting with something that was helpful when sharing the news with family who are less technologically-savvy. Even when I was an account manager in advertising, my mom had a hard time telling people what I did. I found this video to send to her and my family when I told them I’d be making the switch into data science. Can she tell people what I do now? Probably not. But she’s happy that I’m happy. 

These books and two articles were helpful as I started to reshape my thoughts and feelings around some narratives I didn’t know I thought to be true — “Girls aren’t good at math” and “Girls don’t code.” The first three are written by women who did not come from particularly strong backgrounds in what their focus is now. I enjoyed their stories and the book does a great job of providing you tools you can apply when solving math problems. 


I can’t speak on all programs, but to be accepted into Galvanize you had to pass the admissions exam. Here are the courses I took to prepare:

Coming in Part III

You’ve got some solid actions items to help you start your journey! If you’ve come across other resources that would be helpful for others, be sure to drop them in the comments and I’ll add them to this post! 

In the next and final post, I’ll speak about my first-hand experience going through the Data Science Immersive at Galvanize and life after completing the program!


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